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Divorce Application Form Tamil Nadu PDF – In Tamil Nadu, if you are considering filing for divorce, it is important to understand the necessary legal procedures. One of the key documents required in this process is the Divorce Application Form. In this article, we will provide you with information about the Divorce Application Form in Tamil Nadu, including its purpose, how to obtain it, and the necessary steps to complete it.

Purpose of the Divorce Application Form

The Divorce Application Form is a legal document that initiates the divorce proceedings in Tamil Nadu. It serves as a formal request to the court, stating the reasons for seeking a divorce and providing details about the marriage, such as the date of marriage, names of the parties involved, and any children from the marriage. This form is an essential part of the divorce process and must be completed accurately.

Obtaining the Divorce Application Form

To obtain the Divorce Application Form in Tamil Nadu, you can visit the nearest Family Court or District Court. The court will provide you with the necessary forms, including the Divorce Application Form. Alternatively, you may also be able to download the form from the official website of the Tamil Nadu State Legal Services Authority (TNSLSA).

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Steps to Complete the Divorce Application Form

When completing the Divorce Application Form, it is important to follow these steps:

  1. Fill in the personal details of both parties involved in the divorce, such as their names, addresses, occupations, and contact information.
  2. Provide information about the marriage, including the date of marriage, place of marriage, and details about any children from the marriage.
  3. State the grounds for seeking a divorce. In Tamil Nadu, the grounds for divorce can include cruelty, adultery, desertion, conversion to another religion, mental disorder, or incurable disease.
  4. Attach supporting documents, such as marriage certificates, photographs, or any other evidence that supports your case.
  5. Sign the form and date it. Both parties involved in the divorce should sign the form.

Submitting the Divorce Application Form

Once the Divorce Application Form is completed, it needs to be submitted to the Family Court or District Court. Along with the form, you may also need to submit additional documents, as required by the court. It is advisable to make multiple copies of all the documents for your records.

Legal Assistance

Filing for divorce can be a complex and emotionally challenging process. It is recommended to seek legal assistance from a qualified lawyer who specializes in family law. A lawyer can guide you through the entire divorce procedure, help you complete the necessary forms correctly, and represent your interests in court.


The Divorce Application Form is a crucial document when filing for divorce in Tamil Nadu. It is essential to complete the form accurately and provide all the necessary information and supporting documents. Seeking legal assistance can ensure that the divorce process is conducted smoothly and in accordance with the law. Remember to consult with a lawyer for professional advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

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